POS system registration

3 ways to configure your store.

Desktop PC and laptop.

The cheapest and most flexible option is to run your business in the browser on your PC or laptop. USB barcode scanners are supported by default. Receipts can be printed on any thermal or inkjet printer compatible with your web browser. The IoT box can use additional hardware such as scales or ESC/POS printers.

Tablet (iOS and Android).

Tablets take up much less space, their touchscreens are comfortable to use, and they’re light enough to move freely around your store. Or you can put it on a nice stand and attach it to your desk. Of all holders and tablets, we recommend the iPad 8 or higher and the Heckler Design Windfall holder.

Industrial touchscreen.

Hard to crack and steal, industrial touchscreens are the perfect solution for stores and restaurants with high staff and customer volumes. Odoo POS system on industrial touchscreens is compatible with the same peripherals as laptops & PCs.

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